Beautiful Wildflower Meadow – Great Olympic Legacy

Olympic Wildflower Meadow


The beautifully designed meadows around the Olympic stadium have really caught the imagination of gardeners across the UK. Wonderful displays of cornflowers, marigolds and Californian poppies have adorned the Olympic Stadium site in Stratford, east London.

The meadow’s wild flowers were selected by experts from Sheffield University to bloom during the Olympic fortnight. With a keen eye on nature in the round, the flowers were chosen partly to support the Marsh Fritillary and Meadow Brown butterflies and also Burnet Moths.

The term legacy and Olympic have become near synonymous and the meadow are no exception, thankfully, as post games they will become one of the UK’s largest urban parks.

Nigel Dunnett, of the University of Sheffield, responsible for the wild flower selection and design said: “The Olympic Park meadows have been carefully formulated to flower at their peak during the Games, producing exciting, vibrant sheets of uplifting colour, with high biodiversity value”.

The beautiful blend of colours, bursting forth at exactly the right time was not easy to achieve. Said Nigel “We are extremely encouraged and excited by the results from the sowings this year.”

Speaking for the Olympic Delivery Authority, David Higgins said: “The wildflower meadows, wetlands, woods and lawns in the Olympic Park will provide a green and colourful setting in 2012 and a new great park for people and wildlife after the Games”.

It is marvellous that this beautiful great park will continue to be enjoyed by all long after the games and provide a lasting showcase for British park design.


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