Brighten up Shady Garden Areas

Warm sunny days mingled with damp, wet weather is the norm in the UK during the summer. This results in lush gardens full of greenery and bright splashes of colour. But what about those permanently shaded areas? With a bit of careful planning every inch of your garden can present a beautiful display of rich tones and vibrant colours. Shade loving plants can often tolerate sunny conditions in the morning, while needing to be protected from the hotter afternoon sun. Highly popular plants in this category include the dependably hardy impatiens [busy lizzie]. Impatiens are prolific bloomers and are available in a wide range of colours creating a striking effect. These bedding plants are inexpensive and can be used in mass plantings for bedding borders, garden paths, containers or window boxes.

Another well loved bedding plant for shady areas is the begonia with its deep green or bronze, waxy looking foliage and bright pink, red or white blooms. Whether double or single bloom, the unusually shaped flowers of the begonia add interest to any garden area, and are great for containers or ground planting. Gardeners favourite lobelia is a fast growing plant, with delicate blue flowers. These plants are happy in the shade and are often used to drape over the side of containers or hanging baskets, producing a carpet of colour. Fuchsias are fabulous growers with an endless range of colour co-ordinated blooms, shaped like pretty dancers. They can grow upright or draped and are not troubled by lack of sunshine. Not forgetting the attractive and reliable geraniums with their huge selection of colours and hues.

Always choose a reputable nursery like Crosby’s Colourful Plants, when purchasing bedding plants to avoid unhealthy or diseased plants being introduced into your garden.

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