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Hopefully your garden, patio or piece of land will be showing definite signs that spring is almost here, and many plants and flowers have been blooming for a few weeks now. Daffodils, crocus’s, tulips, hyacinths, primroses, pansies, iris’s and snowdrops are bursting with colour and gracing gardens up and down the UK. While you are enjoying this glorious display you might wish to plan how your garden will develop, and take a few simple steps towards this.

A general tidy around is good at any time of the year and particularly in early spring before the garden is fully established and you can clearly see the layout. Try to visualise how you would like your garden to look and the kind of flowers, shrubs and bushes you prefer. Planting summer flowering seeds and bulbs can be done at this time to ensure a seamless transition between seasons.

Whatever you do remember that there could still be sudden frosts so try to protect any vulnerable plants or seedlings in a greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill. Half hardy annuals and vegetables can be sewn under cover, and bare root plants should be planted along with split and separated perennials. Clear old dead stems to reveal new growth, but be careful not to force and damage growing parts.

Roses may be pruned, shortening last years growth by about a third, don’t be too heavy handed with shrub roses, just a light prune unless they look tired and crowded. A handful of slow-release fertiliser will do wonders and a mulch is always appreciated. Hedges which are one to two years old can be cut back by a third, giving a thicker, stronger hedge without straggly growth. This time of year is also ideal for planting new hedges rather than doing so in the winter months.

Start slow growing annuals such as antirrhinums [snapdragons], and take basal cuttings of early sprouting perennials like phlox and delphiniums, Sweet Peas like to be in early in order to guarantee a beautiful vision of delicate colours and a fabulous scent during the summer months.

Many people prefer to have a few pots in the garden or patio, and to rejuvenate the old compost, scrape off the top layer and replace with fresh compost. Make sure that you only purchase good quality plants and bulbs in order to get the desired result, allowing you to enjoy a stunning garden after all of your hard work.

Crosby’s nurseries supply a range of wholesale bedding plants, pot plants and ornamentals throughout the year. We use only excellent quality seeds from some of the worlds top breeders, like Ball Colegrave of California, Sakata of Japan and the Dutch suppliers Florensis and Syngenta. You can find Crosby’s distinctive range at garden centres, retail outlets and landscapers. We also hold ongoing contracts with many local authorities and organisations.

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