High Quality Childcare at Convenient Locations in Oldham and Rochdale

Childcare for Babies, Toddlers & Pre-School Children, Safe, Secure & Educational Nursery Provision in Oldham & Rochdale

There is no doubt that having your child’s nursery within easy reach of your place of work makes the daily routine so much easier. Life has enough pressures without the added stress of rushing to get your little ones dressed, fed, out of the door and happily deposited at their perhaps awkwardly located day care centre. Even the most organised parents will struggle with this one, and mornings can be a battle, leaving you exhausted before you even get to work!

Our digital promotion partners Channings Childcare, have four nurseries in the Oldham and Rochdale areas, and are set to open their fifth. These reputable child care facilities are ideally placed for parents working in or around the area, and are particularly popular with staff at the Royal Oldham Infirmary, the Blue Coat School and Crompton House School. Nurses, teachers and teaching staff report a hassle free experience when bringing or picking up their children from Channings nurseries.
Chadderton Way is the main arterial route from the motorway network into Oldham, and the car park is only one or two metres distance from the quiet point where the carriage-way is joined. Parents who live in Rochdale, Bury, Middleton, Heywood and numerous Yorkshire locations find Channings extremely convenient, and their childcare provision second to none. Their new nursery at Maygate, off Chadderton Way, Oldham, is their only nursery to open at 7.00 am, in order to accommodate hospital employees and their shifts.

But Channings are not only about location and convenience, Channings Childcare owner, Catherine Hoggard (B.A. Hons PGCE) and her team are dedicated to providing a safe, secure and fun environment for every child. Babies, toddlers and pre-school children will receive the skills required for a happy and healthy future. Excellent social, physical and educational abilities are nurtured and children develop a comprehensive knowledge and awareness relating to the world around them. There is an active program of continual staff training, and parents are also considered a valued part of the team.
Read more about Channings Childcare here or contact their head office on 0161 222 4067.

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