Plastic Sheds – Versatile, Durable, Elegant Garden Storage

At Crosby’s – the home of colourful plants – we know there is a lot to be said for tradition. We also know there is great deal more to be said for innovation and perhaps true beauty comes from a blend of the two.

Traditionally sheds are made from timber. Timber is a warm material, natural, biodegradable. Traditional timber sheds come in a range of sizes and designs from the classic apex roof garden shed to the practical pent roof and lean-to garden sheds. Of course there are problems with wooden garden sheds. They need regular maintenance to keep them weather proof and once in a while they may need a new felt roof, but timber sheds have served us well for generations.

SM Garden Sheds couldn’t agree more and continue to stock and supply a magnificent selection of quality timber sheds. They also sell metal sheds. Made from hot-dipped galvanised steel, modern metal sheds come with non-perforation warranties and will last for years.

But for absolute practicality SM Garden Sheds would like to draw attention to the technological innovations that have led to the current generation of PVC, polypropylene and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic garden sheds.

Apart from the occasional wipe with a damp cloth, plastic sheds require no maintenance. Made from UV resistant materials, plastic sheds are hard-wearing, sturdy and perfect for the British climate. Coming in natural colours, well-ventilated, light and airy, there is a plastic garden shed that is just right for every garden.

From the very small Duramax ‘Little Hut’ at 5ft x 3ft to the more accommodating Woodbridge at 13ft x 10ft, plastic garden sheds come in every shape, size and style. There are low cost budget sheds and plastic garden sheds from the biggest names in garden storage. Consider, for example, the 8ft x 9ft Summit from Keter. This shed comes complete with a reinforced steel frame, an integral floor and ventilation. It also features a skylight, 2 opening windows, built-in water collection gutter and easy to fit loft shelf . The Summit is available in beige with a brown trim.

SM Garden Sheds also stock the ‘Lifetime’ range of heavy duty plastic sheds. Lifetime sheds are¬†manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with heavy duty, powder coated steel reinforcements, and like all garden storage products from SM Garden Sheds they are delivered free to most mainland regions of the UK.

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Plastic Sheds – Versatile, Durable, Elegant Garden Storage


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