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Its been a great summer for the garden, if a little dry, although this keeps the problem of slugs and snails down. When the sun shines everything seems to thrive, flowers, shrubs, bushes, fruits and vegetables. Your garden can be tailored to minimise trouble and time with a clever choice of plants. Impatiens, Lobelia, Surfinia, Million Bells and Begonia will create a carpet of colour, and need hardly any looking after apart from regular watering and a little food. There are many plants which are low maintenance yet give high returns even as the summer slips away, like Primrose, Dianthus, Zinnias, Pansies and Viola. Most of these are extremely hardy and while they love the sunshine, are the superstars of the cooler seasons. They are happy to flower through the winter, giving a stunning display whatever the weather.

Impatiens prefer a little more shade and moisture, and are known by nicknames like Busy Lizzie and Touch Me Not. The latter refers to the fact that when ripe, the seed pods will burst open with the lightest touch, scattering their seeds. Million Bells gets its name from the prolific multitude of small petunia like, bell shaped blooms which cascade from hanging baskets, giving a glorious prolonged display. Stunning Zinnias were originally from Mexico in the 16th century, and were considered so ugly that they were named ‘Eyesores’. This is due to the fact that they were a small weedy plant with a dull purple flower. They have over the years been cultivated by botanists to produce the gorgeous and popular flowers they have become. All Begonia plants have one rare factor in common and that is their asymmetrical leaves. This is unusual in the plant world, but the leaf shape is believed by many to be a way for the plant to stand out and attract pollinators in the forest. The fact that many species of the plant have smaller flowers would support this theory.


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