The year is March-ing on, start your Garden Preparation.

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Its getting nearer so they tell us, the summer I mean! We arent feeling it yet but dont let the weather put you off, persevere with your garden preparation and tidying, and before you know it the sun will be shining, the birds singing and the bees buzzing.

When the weather is bright and sunny but still with a bite in the air its nice to pull on a jumper and spend some time in the garden.

It feels like the plants are all poised at the starting line, waiting for the ok to burst forward in a blaze of colour and foliage.

Be ready by taking the time to:-

  • Brush and wash paving, clean pots and tubs.
  • Get rid of any bits of loose paint or old spider webs.
  • Attend to garden gates which may have swelled over the winter months and need adjusting, by planing off excess wood or re-positioning hinges or bolts.
  • Clean, oil and test lawnmowers or other mechanical gardening machinery.
  • Cut back any dead or damaged growth from plants and bushes.
  • Prune summer flowering shrubs such as Hydrangeas.
  • Add some mulch to your garden, this will improve the condition of the soil and plants, while keeping weeds at bay.

Crosby’s Colourful Plants nursery have an exciting line up of top quality wholesale bedding plants for 2013, like the stunning Primrose Zebra and New Guinea Impatiens Divine.

We are able to offer a striking new range of bedding plants, including Sugar Rush Wallflower, Primrose Mandarin, Porcelain Blue & Candy Mixed, Calibrachoa and Confetti Garden Trios.

Using only the best quality seeds from the worlds top breeders, like Ball Colegrave of California, Sakata of Japan and the Dutch suppliers Florensis and Syngenta.

A popular choice with garden centres, retail outlets and landscapers we are also increasingly the preferred option for contracts with many local authorities and organisations. We have also completed a number of impressive and awe inspiring and award winning projects.

Let us help you to attain a wonderful garden by calling 0161 980 5195


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