Verandas, Glazed Canopies, Covered Walkways and Smoking Shelters

Crosby’s friends and marketing partner Trade Window Services Ltd would like to draw your attention to their latest line in verandas, smoking shelters, glazed canopies and covered walkways.

Trade Window Services established their reputation through the manufacture, supply and installation of top quality double glazed windows and doors before branching out into elegant conservatories, orangeries and sunrooms.

They have now taken this one step further into the garden with a truly excellent range of verandas, glazed canopies, covered walkways and smoking shelters. It is difficult to tell whether they are on a mission to bring the home into the garden or the garden into the home. All we now is it works beautifully.

Trade Windows Services sister site at gives the low down on the latest products.

Trade Windows Services design and manufacture bespoke smoking shelters for pubs, restaurants and work places. Smoking shelters comply with smoking ban legislation while offering maximum protection to smokers, customers and staff. Verandas and smoking shelters can be built to blend in with existing architectural styles or can be free-standing features, elegant and functional.

Verandas are designed and built for homes and business, extending space into open areas, protecting from the weather and incorporating lighting and heating as desired.

Glazed canopies are proving to be as popular with businesses as they are with homeowners. Glazed canopies with tinted glass shelter patios, decking and driveways or encourage potential customers to stop and browse as they pass by. Covered walkways protect pedestrians from summer showers and winter weather while gently leading them from shop to shop.

Verandas, smoking shelters, covered walkways and glazed canopies are designed for the specific requirements of every customer. Trade Windows install all their products throughout the UK or can supply verandas, smoking shelters, doors or double glazed windows to be fitted by others.

Verandas, Smoking Shelters, Sunrooms, Glazed Canopies and Covered Walkways from Trade Windows Services

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