Wholesale Suppliers of Ornamental Bedding Plants & Flowers

Since the business was started in 1939 Crosby’s Wholesale Nursery has sold millions upon millions of ornamental plants & flowers, of thousands upon thousands of species and varieties, to customers from every walk of life.

Crosby’s are a wholesale supplier and as such we are unable to sell directly to the public. Due to the nature of our business we grow  ornamental plants & flowers to meet the ever changing demands of garden centres, local authorities, horticultural organisations, public venues, businesses and for specific events. By buying in bulk our customers are able to get the choice they expect while keeping their costs to a minimum.

A major part of our business is in contract growing where ornamental flowers & plants can be specially grown to meet a customers specific needs. This has proved to be especially popular with local authorities and landscape gardeners who get exactly what they want in the quantities they want at the time they need them.

As an established business, Crosby’s Wholesale Nursery are also able to meet all new orders at remarkably short notice.

Our ornamental plants & flowers are carefully selected from suppliers from all around the world and over the years we proved ourselves experts at growing our own special varieties from seed. With exceptional quality control procedures and highly effective pest control systems our bedding plants and ornamental flowers are of the very highest standard. Our fleet of delivery vehicles are designed and adapted to ensure that all of our products reach their intended destination in perfect growing condition.

New and existing customers are always welcome to visit our nurseries. Nursery trial ground visits are an excellent way of keeping clients’ up to date with all of the new plant varieties available. This is also a great way to inspire floral designers of town centres, public parks, sports & cultural venues, and for horticultural exhibitions and shows.

We look forward meeting you and showing you our latest varieties of plants and flowers.

Crosby’s Nursery – Ornamental Bedding Plants Wholesale Nursery, Cheshire




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